It's all about the technology

site + workforce logistics

enterprise software - with a desktop feel

camps + lodges

Manages bookings, rooms, occupancies, cleaning, billing, asset and item maintenance and more.

Features: Bookings, waitlisting, auto allocation, reserved and out of service rooms.

Reporting: Arrive, depart, no show and no go. Occupancy, village status, muster and man day tracking.

Innovation: Multi-campus, graphical grid display with colour coded status and single click drill down to booking/occupancy.

Billing: By contractor, PO and ad hoc. Weekly invoicing direct to email including a summary sheet.

Leverages the Znadoo framework including: Remote (global) install + operation. Unlimited sites from the one log in, single booking for camp, charter, hotel, airport transfer and commercial flight.


Services setup screen includes: timetable scheduler, aircraft, seating, days of week and multi sector where required.

Auto creates a manifest on 1st booking. Single journey or return. Creates an itinerary with camp and commercial travel included. Dashboard lists flights with drill down to PAX. Utilities to copy services and transfer PAX between services. Graphical grid of PAX by date.

Reporting: Movements, log of changes, manifests. Forms for travel itineraries plus customized flight manifests.

commercial travel

Availability and bookings using your preferred Global Distribution System (GDS) in real time. No 3rd party interfaces. Immediate PNR. View pricing by class and fare basis. Filter by airline, route and time of day. Sends the booking to your choice of travel agent. Interacts with middle and back office systems for ticketing, changes, cancellation and billing. Uses our standard booking engine for commercial bookings, hotels, transfers, camp and charter all in the one booking. Forms based travel itinerary to travel agent standard with all information included and distributed to all stakeholders using our email queueing system.


Single, comprehensive profile holds: Company, roster, role + position, bookings, leave, travel profile, HSE, competencies and compliances. History held for each change by date.

Media attachments including: HSE, position changes, documents, audio visuals, forms, certificates and correspondence. Life cycle management from job application, on boarding, competence, HSE position changes thru to termination.


Available globally, In the Cloud, on a Pay for Use, Software as a Service platform. Hosted on Azure, backed and supported by Microsoft and available from 53 worldwide data centres.

Innovative and contemporary software. Natively written (not a conversion) and distributed in a spoke and wheel componentised software configuration. Central portal linked to geographically remote instances and databases running in different timezones, languages and locales as required.

booking management

A single booking module books: Camps, charters, transfers, flights and hotels. An end user distributed booking process that filters bookings and other data by user by applying permissions based around whitelists and blacklists. Replaces the outdated e-Forms based 'Booking Requests' approach. Cross validated at source with no secondary processing, data copying or re-entry.

The Znadoo autonomous (auto recur) process generates forward bookings from rosters using a timed background process engine. This workflow process also sends notifications and 'requests to approve' using distribution lists and role based authorisers.


  1. Generate a new site in 60 seconds.
  2. Deploy globally. Configure language, time zone and locale - by user.
  3. Automated reports. Build, deploy, schedule, recur.
  4. Automated processes. Bookings, manifests, itineraries, notifications, approvals, housekeeping and more.
  5. Pay for use. Scale Up. Scale Back. No contracts.
  6. Full suite of modules. Camp, charter, travel, HR, rosters, compliance, competency, document EDI.
  7. Mobile fully integrated with desktop. Sys Admin of permissions, settings, accounts, roles, and more from one dashboard.
  8. Znadoo Teams: Supervisor and Sys Admin users management tool to mobilise, manage and demobilize end user team members.
  9. Intelligent bulk data loader. Loads all data types (bookings, profiles, services , rosters) in minutes.
  10. Data logging: Soft deletes with undo, snapshots every change before and after together with 'who did what and when'. Never lose a record.
  11. A single media library of documents, images and pictures. Navigate from any screen. Available system wide with links back to relevant modules.
  12. Leap frog between screens opened in a new browser using one click navigation tool bars found on most lines.


An intuitive user interface ‘look and feel’. Learns your behaviour. Log out then back in takes you back to the same page and data. 75% less mouse clicks.

Full suite of functions found on every screen. View, data entry and reporting on the one screen. Export to PDF or Excel, email the current screen view, jump to bulk loader, add to favourites. Each with a single click.

Partial key word search. Select then re-order columns, filter, sort and group data all using a drag and drop WYSIWYG interface.